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「EN is an artist who finds inspiration in rich emotions and sensitivity, and draws energy from the creative process. By utilizing various elements and textures in his work, he is able to express complex emotions, even in the midst of uncertainty, allowing his creative process to unfold in a natural way.」

About the Artist

EN is an artist who has been interested in drawing since childhood, but it wasn't until high school that he began to study art formally. After working in various industries, including gaming, fashion, and retail, for five years, EN realized that working a traditional job wasn't for them and decided to pursue freelance illustration. he currently reside in Guangzhou, China, and specialize in creating charming and lively depictions of girls inspired by both real-life experiences and imaginary characters.

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EN's inspirations come from their ex-girlfriend, girls and boys he know, and imaginary girls. his art philosophy is about making art fun, accessible, and inclusive, and they hope to inspire others through their engaging and relatable creations. Some of EN's notable projects include contributing to "Sketching Time 3" in CGWorld in 2013 and collaborating on comic books, games, fashion, and album covers.

EN's recent works include the popular "Kawaii is Justice" series, which features energetic and cool girls, and the "Girls' High School Mobile Troops" series, which started as a simple yet intriguing idea and evolved into multiple installments. Despite the challenges of daily life, including new game releases, updates, and social events, EN finds inspiration in the mundane moments and infuses playful and straightforward ideas into their art.

When it comes to creative obstacles, EN faces various distractions, such as new game releases and social events, but they find inspiration in the everyday moments of life. EN's ultimate goal is to inspire others to pursue their passions and embrace their unique talents and abilities.

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