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Take a Chill Pill



「People have different ways of reacting to events around them. Some observe from a distance, some remain calm, some gather together, and some participate in the performance. However, no matter how they dress up, in the end, everyone is naked and the same.」

About the Artist

Wang Pan is a Chinese designer born in Jiangsu, graduated from Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts, and currently living and working in Shanghai. With over 14 years of experience in creative work for theme pavilions, Wang values expressing himself freely while serving clients. He found his own style through continuous creation and discovery, preferring to use humor and satire to interpret and record people and events in life. His works rarely feature deliberate outlines, but rather use bright and bold colors to create spatial expressions of objects. Wang believes that the creative process is a chemical reaction with the real world, and randomness is the most attractive part. He encourages individual interpretation of his work and seeks an interactive relationship between the artwork and the audience, without the need for strict definitions.

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