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Echoes - Yesterday


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「Yajun Ho and Cai Jun are two young Asian artists whose works bring to life fantastical worlds full of imagination and creativity. YAJUN's works feature cute monsters that inhabit parallel universes, while Cai Jun's works are embodied by RageBaby, a symbol of modern youth who assert themselves through their anger. Together, their duo exhibition showcases a unique blend of artistry and vision, as they explore the complexities of childhood experiences and how they intersect with the challenges of modern life. From YAJUN's imaginative world of cute monsters to Cai Jun's uncompromising and unconquerable RageBaby, their works will inspire and engage audiences with their creativity and emotional depth. 」

About the Artist

Yajun is an artist who graduated from MassArt in 2020 with a major in illustration. During her time in college, she worked with children, which allowed her art to become more pure. She drew inspiration from the children's imagination.

Her works combine self-created characters with elements she enjoyed from her childhood, using large areas of contrasting colors, as well as her own childhood memories, she has created a series of works focused on 90s childhood themes.

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About the Artist

Cai Jun is an artist renowned for his creation of RageBaby. He has been recognized with multiple awards for his exceptional work, including the Adobe Design Competition and the Tencent Innovation Design Competition. His artwork has been exhibited at prestigious events like the Viki Lulu Exhibition in Lurong and the Hangzhou Trend Art Festival, both held in 2022. Cai Jun's art represents a bold and uncompromising vision of modern youth, capturing the rage and frustration felt by many young people as they confront the challenges of contemporary society.

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