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  • Drop-in:          $39 (Payment online)

  • 12 Lessons:      $430 (Payment in person)

  • 24 Lessons:     $830 (Payment in person)


  • Upon selecting the appropriate class level and schedule, classes will be conducted on a weekly basis.

  • For every set of 12 sessions, you are allowed up to three absences (Please inform us one day in advance for non-emergency situations).

  • Completing all 12 sessions without any absences will grant you an additional session.

  • If you need to adjust your class schedule, we can accommodate it based on availability.

  • You can invite friends to join a class session with your lessons. Individuals with a lesson package have to be present with the invitee.(Confirm class availability with TONGWOOD a day in advance. Waiver  are needed from Individuals who aren’t sign up with TONGWOOD before.)

  • Please note that class sessions are non-transferable and non-refundable.


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