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Kid Programs

Top Pick for
Little Artists
in the Boston Area

TONGWOOD's Visual Arts Program, for ages 4 to 15, blends creativity with professional techniques through innovative curriculum design, driven by a deep passion for teaching excellence.


At TONGWOOD, we unleash artistic potential through inspiring teaching and precise guidance. Our mission is to empower students with techniques for expressing their unique identities. Emphasizing creativity, individuality, and critical thinking, we enable exploration of diverse media for self-expression.

Art Program Mediums

Ages 4-6 Yrs

Artistic Discoveries is focus on developing fine motor skills, exploring a variety of art media, building a fundamental art vocabulary, and nurturing an open mind. It encourages curiosity about art and fosters the ability to interact with teachers and classmates.

  • Create pieces across themes and subjects

  • Explore multiple mediums of art, including acrylic, craft, clay, installation, mixed media, markers, and color pencils.

  • Discover Artists from Multiple Eras and Their Significance

  • Participating in artistic experiences beyond the studio such as Exhibitions, Holiday Activities, and Art-to-Products


Ages 7-9 Yrs

Artistic Foundations is focuses on building fundamental skills in visual art, exposing students to a variety of artistic styles, using professional art vocabulary to communicate ideas, and cultivating a strong sense of teamwork and responsibility as an artist.

  • Create pieces across themes and subjects

  • Explore multiple mediums of art, including Acrylic, Water Color, Sketch&Drawing, Traditional Chinese Painting, and Color Pencils.

  • Discover Artists from Multiple Eras and Their Significance

  • Participating in artistic experiences beyond the studio such as Create picture books, join art competitions, and exhibit in TONGWOOD Gallery.

Ages 10-15 Yrs

Artistic Indentities emphasizes artist responsibilities with weekly assignments, technical in-class studies, and independent research. Focus includes advanced drawing and painting, color theory, multiple media, art history, still life/live models, and art vocabulary proficiency.

  • In addition to mastering techniques, students will begin to develop their own artistic style.

  • Instructors provide mentoring to help students set and achieve their goals.

  • Participation in local and national art competitions with the opportunity to exhibit your work in TONGWOOD Gallery.

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