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Jiang Han

Far Away From Home

Roaming afar to study, traveling between Yan and Zhao.

Who says the road is hard, when my heart is free to go.  

I've heard of the wise Ranyu, and secretly compared myself to the great Yan.

With a small boat, I cross the river at dusk, and two horses gallop towards the morning mist.

Amidst all this, there is true joy, forgetting how many mountains I've traveled.  


This is a poem by the Ming dynasty poet Wang Yiwu, depicting his free-spirited and adventurous travels to seek knowledge and truth.


Similarly, the artist Jiang Han in this exhibition also shares the same spirit of exploration and reverence for the world.  Through his artworks, he invites the viewers to embark on a journey of self-discovery and gain a new perspective on life, inspiring them to embrace a more expansive inner world and embark on a new journey.

About the Artist

Jiang Han is a rising artist who has been exposed to contemporary art since childhood. After studying in Australia and returning to China, he delved into Buddhist studies, traditional Chinese culture, and traditional art under the guidance of Ven. Benru, the abbot of Jingye Temple on Mount Zhongnan. Through his travels, he has accumulated and refined a unique artistic style.

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Jiang Han follows the rich tradition of Chinese art, but he departs from his forebears through his contrasting colors and a wider, more colorful palette.  By combining the sights and wonders of the natural world with Buddhist philosophy, he hopes his art inspires a sense of newfound peace and appreciation for the different cultures that exist in this world.

Jiang Han's NFT artworks have been highly sought after in online auctions. His "Eight Great Ancestral Homes" series of eight NFT pieces sold out in 15 minutes, with a single piece selling for up to ¥15,000 In collaboration with Yuanben Space, his "Wang Yinhua" series of eight works, with a total of 16,000 copies, sold out in half an hour, with works selling for up to five times their original value.

His physical artworks have been collected by famous individuals both domestically and abroad, including well-known Twitter influencers, top DJs, and senior NFT players. His works have been exhibited at the NFTFX exhibition in France, receiving high praise.

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