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Child’s Enrollment Agreement (Version 1.0)
Release and Indemnification Agreement I represent that I am the parent or legal guardian of the child I am enrolling, who is participating in a program or other event (hereinafter the “Program”) by or with TONGWOOD LLC (hereinafter “TONGWOOD”).


The institution will be responsible for the safety of members/students within the institution space. Otherwise, the safety of
members/students is not within the scope of authority and responsibility. 



To provide a high quality and safe teaching environment for children, we reserve the right to refuse entry to TONGWOOD ART STUDIO. Please do not bring any valuables into TONGWOOD ART STUDIO with you or your children. Under no circumstances shall we be liable for any loss or damage of your or your children's belongings. At the same time, if you and your children caused damage to the property or the equipment of TONGWOOD ART STUDIO, you will be responsible for any compensations.


A. Refund Terms: 

i. Unable to continue studying due to hospitalization or serious illness. 

ii. Unable to continue studying due to the unforeseen problems within the studio.
iii. Other major events that prevent students from continuing their studies. 

iv. No refund will be provided for those who do not fall under the above conditions. Please consider carefully when submitting payment.

B. Refund Procedures:
i. Students (parents) who meet one of the above conditions should submit a written application, relevant supporting documents, and original payment receipt to TONGWOOD. 

ii. Verification and approval by TONGWOOD ART STUDIO.  

1. Failure to provide relevant documents will not result in an approval.  

2. Failure to provide the original receipt will not result in an approval. 
iii. We will process the refund within 15 business days after the approval. 

C. Refund Standards: 

i. If the student meets the above conditions, TONGWOOD ART STUDIO will provide refund in full for the remaining balance (the refund amount shall deduct the corresponding credit card process fee, learning materials and other actual  


ii. Refund amount = Tuition fee paid - course fee consumed - materials fee – credit card process fee. 
iii. Material fees are not refundable. 


A. Students who are late for classes will not be compensated for the class hours, and the class will start as usual and end on time (since there are other classes scheduled later, the class cannot be delayed for individual students who are late).

B. Students who are absent without providing a day’s notice. The course will still be deducted from the balance. NO REFUND will be issued. 

C. For students who need to ask for leave due to special circumstances, their parents must inform the teacher or the front desk at least one day in advance by text message, WeChat, or other written forms. For any leave due to any emergency, parents should inform the  teacher or the front desk at least 15 minutes before class start by text message or WeChat. 
D. Each student gets 3 excused absences for any informed emergency/special circumstances and informed absence notice a day prior to class. If the student exceeds 3 excused  absences, any absent course will be deducted from balance.  



Parents are not allowed to copy, steal, or use any material/information of TONGWOOD ART STUDIO for commercial purposes. We may take photos and video clips for class, training, teaching quality control, advertisement, and marketing purposes.  


If students want to change their level of class after registration in TONGWOOD ART STUDIO, they must get the consent from the teacher and studio manager.  


To ensure that the quality of class will not be disturbed, we do not allow visitor/parents to stay in the area. Students and their parents are prohibited from making phone calls, taking photos and videos, or unrelated activities during class time.  

The terms and conditions in this agreement will be effective after signing. Thanks for your support and trust! 

Thanks for submitting!

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