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Thus Have I Heard #1

Thus Have I Heard #1

As I softly depart from your presence, let me return to my northern abode. When Mount Zhongnan is veiled in a blanket of snowflakes, fond memories of you will linger in my heart. This artwork, born amidst the serenity of the forest, reflects a profound devotion and solemnity. With incense gently burning and hands purified, it symbolizes the expression of deep sorrow and reverence. The painting harmoniously blends the distant scenery of Mount Zhongnan and the tranquil Zen hall of Jingye Temple. In the scene, the venerable abbot, mounted on a white steed, gracefully traverses the ethereal realm of colorful clouds, leaving behind an indescribable sense of nostalgia and longing for generations to come.

  • Mixed media, Acrylic Ink Gold Foil, Mineral Pigments, and Others

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